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Arsenal Discs Introduction

arsenal discs

Who is Arsenal Discs?

Arsenal Discs was founded with a dream of revolutionizing a growing sport. We have been playing this amazing game for nearly 15 years and we saw an opportunity to differentiate ourselves and to promote the sport we love to play. We are here to meet your needs and to provide the most appealing and high-performing discs on the market. At Arsenal Discs, we utilize computer software and engineering equipment to create the best discs on the market! When designing our discs, we consider physics, aerodynamics, player comfort and more to ensure optimal performance. When designing our discs, we use a repetitive but effective process of testing and redesigning. We have spent months creating CAD drawings, using the drawings to machine prototypes, doing field tests, and using field test results to improve CAD designs. This process was very expensive and time consuming, but vital in ensuring that our customers are satisfied with our product. 

At Arsenal Discs, we have one goal: Grow the Sport. We have been fortunate enough to receive fantastic support and feedback about our first-run discs and we have reinvested those profits to grow bigger and better. Our long-term goals include opening sports camps, sponsoring tournaments, and hosting school-related events to increase appreciation for the sport. We will use our appeal to reach new populations that have not yet been exposed to the great game of Disc Golf. All profits will be recycled until Arsenal Discs has made a considerable impact on the sport of Disc Golf. Throw Arsenal and follow us along on this journey!


Airstrike Distance Driver

The Airstrike is an overstable distance driver with the mission of chain disc-truction. It has a speed of 12, glide of 5, turn -3, and fade 3. This disc is very similar to a Innova Firebird as it will fade fast and sharp. This disc is very useful in headwinds and spike hyzer situations. We have a teaser video below so you can see the disc in action!


50 Cal. Control Driver

The 50 Cal. is a control driver notorious for chain-sniping. With it being a little more understable than you might think, this disc will go exactly where you want it. With a speed of 10, glide 4, turn -2, and fade 2, this disc is very easy to control off the tee box. We have a teaser video below so you can see the disc in action!

Cyborg Fairway Driver

The Cyborg is a fairway driver that is half-human, half-machine. When the cyborg locks onto its target, it doesn’t miss the mark. The speed is 9, glide 5, turn -4, and fade 1. The Cyborg is a good beginner disc as it has a lower speed that will allow to weaker armed players to have the disc act and fly as intended. We have a teaser video below so you can see the disc in action!

MorningStar Mid Range

The MorningStar is a stable midrange that punishes the course to give its wielder the perfect upshot. It has a speed of 5, glide 4, turn -1, and fade 2. You can expect this disc to fly very straight with a slight fade at the end of its flight. We have a teaser video below so you can see the disc in action!


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