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Bryan & Cynthia Wedding Video Highlights

Family is All We Have

This video is very personal to Gatekeeper Media because it involves family and friends to one of the Co-Founders, Chris German. I was unable to capture the event because I was part of the wedding party. The groom, Bryan Weimer, is related to me as our mothers are sisters. As first cousins, we have grown a very strong relationship only being 8 months apart in age. Over the past 26 years of our lives, we have shared a lot of memories because we only lived two towns away. I was honored to be a part of the groomsman and was able to experience an amazing wedding first hand. Because I was in the party, our other Co-Founder, Derek Scull took on the task to capture every important moment from that night. This video takes all of the greatest moments from the night and fits it into a jam packed piece. We hope you enjoy as you relive an unforgettable night.



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