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Sedgley Woods | 40 Years of Frisbees, Family, Friends, and Fun | 2017

Celebrating 40 years of Frisbees, Family, Friends, and Fun! The Friends of Sedgley Woods, The Pennsylvania Audubon Society, and other neighbors of East Fairmount Park honored this milestone on Sunday October 15th, 2017.  Members of the community enjoyed activities such as disc golf lessons, magic tricks, juggling, food, bird watching, The Discovery Center information and FUN for the entire family!

One of the Oldest Courses in the World

In 1976, after graduating from Penn State, Jim Powers along with Joe D’Annunzio, Rick Vlam founded the Philadelphia Frisbee Club. Jim played Ultimate Frisbee in college, starting the Penn State Ultimate Team in 1974. Once back in the Philadelphia area he formed the new club by word of mouth and contacting local Frisbee Masters Joe D’Annunzio and Rick Vlam. The members were interested in all flying disc games including Ultimate, disc golf, freestyle, Double Disc Court and the field events of distance and self-caught-flight (maximum time aloft, MTA; throw run and catch, TRC). The club began meeting and playing weekly at several areas around the city, most notably in Valley Forge National Park outside of the city and within Philadelphia’s famous Fairmount Park.


Friends Of Sedgley Woods

The Friends of Sedgley Woods is an organization dedicated to the preservation of Sedgley Woods Disc Golf Course and the development of the sport of Disc Golf in Philadelphia, PA. This club was formed in 1990 after ten of the original Sedgley baskets were stolen. The first act of the Friends group was to raise money and replace all of the baskets with Mach 3 Pole Holes. The remaining “old” baskets were donated to other clubs to “seed” new courses. Sedgley now has three tee placements for each basket, the blue “original 1977 tees”, yellow “1984” tees and red “1991” tees (4,691 feet), however all of the baskets remain in their 1978 locations.

Since 1978, the Philadelphia Frisbee Club has evolved into several organizations devoted to disc sports. Many of the original club members have moved on to start new clubs and design new disc golf courses. There are now separate disc golf clubs in New Jersey, Delaware, and in Bucks and Chester Counties in Pennsylvania and Pole Hole courses have spread throughout the east coast states. Along the way the PFC became the PAFC, adding “Area” to its name. Later it became the Tri-State Frisbee Club when a strong contingent of Delaware and New Jersey golfers developed.


The Tri-State club begat the Mid-Atlantic Disc Club (MADC) which now runs a golf series enjoyed by thousands and has provided some of the largest purses in professional disc golf. The Ultimate players split off and formed their own club called The Philadelphia Area Disc Alliance (PADA). In addition to fostering men’s and women’s tournament teams, PADA now runs a summer league serving over 500 people per year.