Your Alternative Source for Disc Golf

Who are we?

Gatekeeper Media is a Philadelphia based multimedia Disc Golf coverage agency. We were founded in Fall 2017 by two friends who met freshman year of art school. Derek Scull and Chris German both graduated from the University of the Arts in 2013. Derek was a Communications major who achieved a BS in Communications. His primary focus was both narrative and documentary filmmaking as he excels in cinematography. Chris completed his degree with a BFA in Multimedia. He learned a variety of skills focusing on motion graphics and video editing.

Only starting as a hobby, we casually played Disc Golf at local courses in the Greater Philadelphia Area. As we went to the course more and more, we began to catch the bug and love the sport. While we weren’t playing, we would try to find video coverage online of professionals playing to learn from their game. We were surprised to see there was not a lot of high quality disc golf coverage on the Internet. Through more research and talking with locals we meet on the course, we noticed there was a demand for more video coverage in disc golf. One day we went out to the course, played 36 holes and came to the conclusion we want to join the Disc Golf community and commit our company purpose to the sport.

Our purpose?

We have one goal when it comes to Disc Golf, GROW THE SPORT! The videos we help produce and create are intended to teach beginners, entertain veterans, and reach audiences to introduce them to the sport. There are a lot of outgoing individuals in the world who are unaware the sport even exist. We want to help grow the sport and shine the spotlight on all genders, age, and skill levels.

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